About us

Extraction ducts and chimney manufacturers

Founded in 1974, Convesa (Conductos de Ventilación, S.A.) is a leading Spanish manufacturer of modular ducts and chimneys for domestic and industrial installation (mainly flue gas extraction, ventilation, and air conditioning).

 In our 50-year history, we have grown from a small family-owned business to an established company, a pioneer in design and innovation with an extensive international scope. Our products, all of which are made in Spain, have the most demanding quality certifications and are exported to 13 countries. Today, Convesa is one of the leading brands on the chimney and duct market in both Spain and other countries, such as the United Kingdom.

Limitless solutions

We offer a wide range of top-quality modular solutions that aim to facilitate the work of our main clients: installers. Available in different finishes and materials (stainless steel, lacquered aluminium, polypropylene, etc.), Convesa products are designed for all types of projects, from high-power or large-scale installations for companies and suppliers of any variety to individual solutions for domestic use.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive, personalised service from our specialised professionals and uphold the basic principles we established at the outset: transparency and quality. All of our products are backed by the most demanding certifications and have a 25-year guarantee.