Description: AISI 316L stainless steel double-layer flexible pipe. Smooth inside. Supplied in rolls of up to 20 metres, packed in cardboard boxes (up to Ø200) and in spatial lengths (0.25 to 20m). Each metre is marked with diameter, length and designation as well as CE marking. Indication of installation direction. Ideal for complicated pipe layouts. Compatible with PSLI range with adapter. Available diameters: 80 to 400mm. Soot fire resistance (G) The outer diameter is always approx. 7mm larger than the inner diameter.
Utilities: For duct chimneys that serve in natural draught (negative pressure), to work in dry or wet conditions and which use gas, gas oil or solids. as fuel.
EN 1856-2 T450-N1-W-Vm-L50012-G
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