Simple wall BI

Single wall without insulation in stainless steel AISI 316L.


For boilers in natural draught (negative pressure) and forced draught (positive pressure up to 200 Pa, with seal), to work in dry or wet conditions (condensation) and which use gas, gas oil or solids (fi rewood, coal, pellets, etc.) as fuel. Excellent for casings.


As chimney only interior. As ventilation ducts: interior and external. Not rainwater proof.


With seal (1) EN 1856-1 T200-P1-W-V2-L50040-0(50).
Without seal (2) EN 1856-2 T600-N1-W-V2-L50040-G(XX)NM.
(1) Distance to combustible materials:Ø80 a Ø300 = 50mm.
(2) Distance to combustible materials: Other diameters = 3 times the diameter.