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Stand Convesa Progetto Fuoco 2018

Progetto Fuoco 2018

Last February   Convesa  had  an important  space in the  Best  Exhibition for  Chimneys in Europe, Progetto Fuoco 2018.  This exhibition only for Professionals, is the number  one  in Europe,   and  so many  visitors discovered the MODEL AVANT KW, range tested in Uk ,  with the most  important designation:T600------G50 .
Convesa  was visit for people from, Slovenia, France, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, South  Corea, Italy  asking  about the fantastic  service  that  we offer and the really competitive prices that we have it.
Other products like our  Enamel pipes,  flex adaptator, etc were  the interest of the visitors  in our stand.
Thank to everybody  to believe  in CONVESA!