Description: AISI 316L (KW) or AISI 304 (KX) stainless steel inner wall and AISI 304 stainless steel outer wall. Rock wool: density 180 kg/m³, thickness 25 mm. Total absence of thermal bridge.
Utilities: For natural draught boilers (negative pressure) and forced draught (positive pressure up to 200 Pa with seal) which work in dry or wet conditions (condensation) and use gas, gas oil or solids (firewood, coal, pellets, etc.) as fuel.
Interior and exterior
· KW:
- Without seal: EN 1856-1 T200-P1-W-V2-L50040-O(10)
- With seal: EN 1856-1 T600-N1-W-V2-L50040-G(50)

· KX: EN 1856-1 T600-N1-W-Vm-L20040-G(50)
· KX [EN 1856-1 T200 P1 W Vm L20040 O(10)]

Distance to combustible materials:
· 10 mm in gas or gasoil flues installations and Tflues gas < 200ºC
· 50 mm in solids fuel installations.
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